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Z-CoiL Comparison Chart

November 20, 2013

Z-CoiL wants you to make informed choices about your health. When it comes to lower body pain, there are many pain relief solutions available, including footwear. The chart below shows you how Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® compares to other major shoe brands for foot care and lower body joint pain relief.

Don’t Settle for Less

The innovative design and patented technology of Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear provide significant impact reduction and foot stability that effectively treats a number of conditions that cause pain all the way up the kinetic chain—from the feet to the lower back. No other shoe comes close to providing the pain relief that Z-CoiL treatment offers.

You can try any Z-CoiL product risk-free for 30 days. To find the pain relief footwear that best fits your lifestyle and personal style, find a Z-CoiL distributor near you or contact us to order. You’ve got nothing to lose but your pain!



October 30, 2013

Causes of Over-Pronation-
Over-pronation happens when the foot rolls inward more than 15° after heel-strike to meet the ground. This inward roll may be a natural adaptation to abnormalities elsewhere in the body or it may develop in response to repetitive stress.

The most common causes are:
• Bowed legs
• Leg length discrepancies
• Muscle tightness or weakness, especially in the calves
• Loose Ligaments
• Flat feet
• Excessive impact

Result of Over-Pronation-
The inward roll of the ankle during over-pronation can contribute to a number of other foot problems, including:
• Plantar fasciitis
• Heel spurs
• Metatarsalgia
• Tendonitis
• Bunions
• Joint and Knee pain
• Back pain

What Z-CoiL Delivers-
Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear provides superior foot pronation correction. Z-CoiL’s patented technology and innovative design include:
• A spring-loaded heel that delivers significant impact reduction (up to 60% with every step)
• A customizable coil system that has three additional levels of support to the medial (inside) part of the shoe with a simple 90-, 180-, or 270-degree coil adjustment. The coil will correct even severe cases of pronation.
• A built-in orthotic that provides rigid ligament support
• Customizable arch support to comfortably fit your natural arch heightImage

Ready for a Sneak Peek?

December 2, 2011

Z-CoiL 2.0 coming in early 2012

And these aren’t just new styles. Some serious re-engineering has gone into this next-generation of Z-CoiL pain relief footwear to make them even more effective, more comfortable—if that’s even possible—lighter-weight, and of superior quality.

In February 2012 you can expect to find 5 new styles for women and 3 for men in our Online Store, as well as in retail stores around the country, with several more styles on the way a few months after that. First up:

  • Athletic shoes for both men and women (M9-13, W6-10)
  • Full-grain leather lace-up Oxfords for both men and women (black)
  • Hikers for both men and women (black)
  • FGL Mary Janes for women (black)
  • FGL Clogs for women (black)

So stay tuned for more teasers as the release date approaches!

Minimalist Footwear vs. Maximum Comfort

November 8, 2011

Vibram Five Fingers Is less really more?  That’s what people are wondering when they look at new “minimalist” or “barefoot” footwear like the Vibram Five Fingers® “shoes” shown here.  Proponents of these shoes argue that going barefoot, or barely covering the feet, is the most biomechanically natural way to go. Well, that may have been true when humans were hunter/gatherers on the African savannah. But what about modern men and women who spend most of their lives working and walking on concrete and pavement?

Z-CoiL and its sibling product line, Bio-Trek, take quite the opposite approach.  Engineered as “pain relief footwear,” they instead provide wearers with maximum support and shock-absorption to reduce, and even help prevent pain and injury to feet, joints, and backs.

We asked Al Gallegos, the inventor of Z-CoiL shoes and a long-time runner, for his opinion.  He says, sure, minimalist shoes may have a role to play — in water sports, or as boating shoes. But not as running gear.

“One of the most efficient forms of running is landing on the heel,” Al explains, “and if you attempt that with a minimalist shoe, you would not last very long on the road.”  Considering that Al is still running at  80 years of age, he may know something about going the distance in the right footgear! (He’s shown here competing in the 2011 Senior Games wearing prototype Bio-Treks.)

The #HDBOYZ in Z-CoiLZ

October 27, 2011

#HDBOYZ performing at MoMA in Z-CoiL shoesThere’s been a lot of buzz about the #HDBOYZ, “the world’s first boy band in high-definition.”  Maybe because the whole band wore Z-CoiL shoes at a recent PopRally concert at LA’s Museum of Modern Art!  You can watch their performance at DIS Magazine, a multimedia art magazine
that clearly recognizes the avant garde appeal of Z-CoiL footwear.

DIS Magazine has featured Z-CoiL shoes in the past, too. Check out Z-CoiL footwear as High Performance Art!  See how many times you can spot Z-CoiLs!

One Family, One Mission … Now Two Pain Relief Solutions

October 21, 2011

Is this shaping up to be a Battle of the Brands?

On thAndres Gallegos holding a Bio-Trek shoeAl Gallegos, inventor of the Z-CoiL shoee one hand (or is it foot?) we have Al Gallegos, the inventor of Z-CoiL footwear and the ever-buoyant spirit behind the company’s Pain Relief mission. He’s shown here on the right, holding his creation, which features his patented spring-suspension system combined with built-in orthotic support:  arguably the most effective, non-invasive solution there is for overcoming foot, leg and back pain.

On the other, we have his son, Andres, the company’s President and CEO. In his hand is a revolutionary new type of pain-relief shoe making its world debut this fall:  the Bio-Trek®.

Andres has never suffered from the same pain issues as his Dad, but he’s always stood firmly behind the same pain relief mission, and is determined to stay healthy and active for many years to come.

So he came up with his own ergonomic footwear solution: a unique “hybrid” shoe that blends superior cushioning with rigid support, much in the same way that a Z-CoiL shoe does … but which he can also wear mountain biking!

Check out all 8 new Bio-Trek footwear styles for Men and Women!  If you or someone you love has hesitated to buy pain relief footwear because of the look of the coil, this could be the answer for you!

Prices are Falling Like Leaves

October 12, 2011

Love life in your Z-Treks

Seems so perfect for the season: offering these incredible Z-Trek hikers at an incredible sale price.  Only $159 in stores and $169 if you purchase online!   But only until our stock runs out, or November 30, 2011, whichever comes first.  And no more are coming down the pike, either, since these brown Z-Treks were introduced as a Limited-Edition style.  They come in sizes for both Men (9-12) and Women (6-10).  So really, don’t wait to get yourself a pair of these wonderful hiking shoes–you’ll feel great and look great all day long.