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Trendy Z-CoiL Shoes Put Spring in Celebrities’ Step

April 10, 2009

helenabonham_zcoilsLos Angeles, CA (CNS) – You now have reason to toss your towering heels and painful pumps away in the name of fashion. The pain-relieving footwear line Z-CoiL promises to be the savior of your tender, aching soles.

Once just an orthotic health trend, the shoes have now found a niche in the fashion world. A slew of celebrities and public figures, from Helena Bonham Carter and Robert DeNiro to Bill Clinton and the founders of Google, have been shod in the springy space-age footwear. The nationwide demand is now being met by shoe retailers who are stocking their shelves with the revolutionary pain-relieving line.

Z-CoiL’s awkwardly-shaped trendsetting design guarantees to lessen the severity of back pain while combating common podiatric ailments. Armed with a cushioned sole and a patented shock-absorbing heel coil, Z-CoiL shoes are engineered to distribute weight more evenly and reduce painful impact.

Statistics report that over two-thirds of Americans will sustain some foot problem in their lifetime. With that date in mind, the inventors of the Z-CoiL technology knew a product with promise to mitigate foot, leg and back pain will surely find demand.

This testimonial from Helena Bonham Carter appears on the company’s website: “It’s like walking on grass, barefoot, and I feel I have much more stamina. They cushion you from the exhaustion of everyday life.”

Chelsea Milko – Celebrity News Service CNS Reporter

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