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One Family, One Mission … Now Two Pain Relief Solutions

October 21, 2011

Is this shaping up to be a Battle of the Brands?

On thAndres Gallegos holding a Bio-Trek shoeAl Gallegos, inventor of the Z-CoiL shoee one hand (or is it foot?) we have Al Gallegos, the inventor of Z-CoiL footwear and the ever-buoyant spirit behind the company’s Pain Relief mission. He’s shown here on the right, holding his creation, which features his patented spring-suspension system combined with built-in orthotic support:  arguably the most effective, non-invasive solution there is for overcoming foot, leg and back pain.

On the other, we have his son, Andres, the company’s President and CEO. In his hand is a revolutionary new type of pain-relief shoe making its world debut this fall:  the Bio-Trek®.

Andres has never suffered from the same pain issues as his Dad, but he’s always stood firmly behind the same pain relief mission, and is determined to stay healthy and active for many years to come.

So he came up with his own ergonomic footwear solution: a unique “hybrid” shoe that blends superior cushioning with rigid support, much in the same way that a Z-CoiL shoe does … but which he can also wear mountain biking!

Check out all 8 new Bio-Trek footwear styles for Men and Women!  If you or someone you love has hesitated to buy pain relief footwear because of the look of the coil, this could be the answer for you!

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