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October 30, 2013

Causes of Over-Pronation-
Over-pronation happens when the foot rolls inward more than 15° after heel-strike to meet the ground. This inward roll may be a natural adaptation to abnormalities elsewhere in the body or it may develop in response to repetitive stress.

The most common causes are:
• Bowed legs
• Leg length discrepancies
• Muscle tightness or weakness, especially in the calves
• Loose Ligaments
• Flat feet
• Excessive impact

Result of Over-Pronation-
The inward roll of the ankle during over-pronation can contribute to a number of other foot problems, including:
• Plantar fasciitis
• Heel spurs
• Metatarsalgia
• Tendonitis
• Bunions
• Joint and Knee pain
• Back pain

What Z-CoiL Delivers-
Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear provides superior foot pronation correction. Z-CoiL’s patented technology and innovative design include:
• A spring-loaded heel that delivers significant impact reduction (up to 60% with every step)
• A customizable coil system that has three additional levels of support to the medial (inside) part of the shoe with a simple 90-, 180-, or 270-degree coil adjustment. The coil will correct even severe cases of pronation.
• A built-in orthotic that provides rigid ligament support
• Customizable arch support to comfortably fit your natural arch heightImage

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